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Linda Green, director of wellness at Curry Health Center, said UM hands out 25,000 to 30,000 condoms a year, and when budget cuts hit, she trimmed funds for posters, brochures and CARE representatives who distribute condoms. "We're still buying lots of condoms, and that's where we're spending our money rather than administratively," Green said Friday. The Montana Kaimin first reported the cuts to the CARE representatives. Now just an aside: Montana State University-Bozeman hands out 20,000 condoms a year through its clinic plus a few thousand through other programs, according to its Office of Health Advancement. So per capita, the students at UM may be having more fun, or they just may be smarter about it. This week, the schools released their enrollments, and MSU's enrollment hit 16,703 while UM's dipped to 11,865. UM and MSU are generally tied up when it comes to academic excellence, although the business program at UM outranked the one at MSU by 98 spots, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2018 list. Green said she decided to cut money for reps and administration because she wanted to protect the condoms, dental dams and lube.

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